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Episode 17 Tracy Jones

Tracy Jones

What it takes to become GREAT

I sit down with Tracy Jones and discuss her wins and losses and what it takes to grow and become a Lead Gen Leader. Tracy is currently the Lead Gen Specialist manager as well as the company recruiter at Herl’s Bath and Home. She has also been an event manager as well as the marketing director. Tune into this episode to see what is possible in this business when you work at it, work on yourself and work on your staff.




Episode 16 Mark Highbaugh

Mark Highbaugh

All About Texting

I sit down with Mark Highbaugh to talk all about texting. Mark has spent the last decade perfecting his company Marlimar. Marlimar helps contractors incorporate texting into their companies. Mark brings forth a wealth of knowledge with how texting can help you convert leads better and incorporate texting into all sides of your business including marketing, sales recruiting and production.