Episode 40 – Crash Course Sales Training 1

Crash Course Sales Training

After over 40 combined years of experience as sales reps, sales managers, trainers and corporate executives, Phil Wiley & TJ Parsons are bringing their proven selling tools, advice, coaching and […]

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Home Show Expos 365 Days Per Year?

Home Show Expos 365 Days Per Year

Many home remodelers and home improvement companies rely heavily on lead generation from home shows. These expos are usually strategically scheduled in the first quarter of the year when homeowners […]

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Gutter Grind – Episode #2 – Shannon Alberts

On this episode of the Gutter Grind, I interview Shannon Alberts of Security Leubke. His story is an incredible journey growing up through the ranks of his business from installer […]

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Gutter Grind – Episode #1 – Brad Codman

Brad Codman, the marketing manager for the Ultimate Gutter Guard a division of Southern Industries, reveals the lead generation secrets that have served him over the last two decades. Brad […]

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Episode 39 – Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty

Workplace Culture Our own Tony Hoty sat down with Joe Altieri, CEO of FlexScreen on Joe’s podcast to discuss workplace culture. Joe is a serial entrepreneur – born with both […]

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Episode 38 – Chris Williamson

Recruiting This is the 2nd time Chris Williamson is doing the show to discuss RECRUITING. Recruiting is such a huge topic right now as most companies are struggling to find […]

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Episode 37 – Hannah Feuerstein

Hannah Feuerstein

Becoming a Lead Gen Leader This episode is very special to me as I recruited Hannah Feuerstein into this industry 6 years ago. In this episode we discuss many topics […]

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Episode 36 – Abby Binder

Abby Binder

Creating TV Gold Abby Binder is the definition of a Lead Gen Leader. She started on her own and has steadily grown to be a phenomenal brand in her market […]

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Episode 35 – Megan Beattie

Lead Generation Truths This episode is one you don’t want to miss. Meagan is on the show for a second time and is bringing the gold. She is truly a […]

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Episode 34 – Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty, Handling Leads Right The age old question, do I need more leads or do I just need to handle the ones I have better? Tune into this episode […]

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