Phil Wiley

Phil WileyWhat does a Produce Manager know about selling home improvements?  Absolutely nothing!  Soon after high school Phil took a job at Meijer while trying to figure out what his future career would look like.  While bouncing back and forward between schools, Phil grew from humble beginnings as a grocery bagger. His path in retail took him from Produce Manager to Grocery Manager to Supermarket Manager, and ultimately interim Store Director.  After 13 years, it was time to try something new.  With several retail opportunities on the hook, Phil responded to an ad in the newspaper titled, Earn 100k Per Year.  That led him to join Ohio Energy Contractors which eventually became Improveit! Home Remodeling.

In his first year, 1999, Phil sold over One Million Dollars in net sales volume. The company focus at that time was Temo Sunrooms. His achievements were among the most elite salespeople in the country.  He quickly became a Field Sales Manager, which then led to another promotion to Sales Manager of the sunroom division.  Inside of a year, Phil was appointed to the General Sales Manager position. This broadened his experience to include replacement windows, entry doors, exterior Siding, and Roofing. Over the years, many new product lines were introduced. As a result, the development of effective sales process and presentations for gutter protection, attic insulation, and one-day acrylic bath solutions were required.

During Phil’s tenure, the company grew to one of the largest remodelers in America with four office locations in both Ohio and Kentucky.  Phil was actively engaged in the recruiting and initial training of all newly hired salespeople.  At various times, there were 4 to 5 Sales Managers and more than 30 individual reps under Phil’s leadership. Wearing many hats, Phil spent time overseeing the canvassing teams, as well as event marketing and retail store marketing teams. Being known as the ultimate team player, Phil developed relationships and became well adept in all call center activities, including confirmation, dispatch for the sales and installation departments.  Phil is extremely confident that he can add value to any aspect of a home improvement operation, regardless of size.  Developing a winning culture and training ordinary people how to do extraordinary things is still what fuels Phil’s passion today.

Phil considers himself a man of faith. He resides in Westerville, Ohio where he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and watching sports. Join him in a fantasy league if you like to lose. Phil has been friends with Tony Hoty for over 25 years and has always dreamed of one day collaborating with him to support the industry they love to their cores. Be sure to reach out to Phil for anything and everything sales related. We strongly encourage you to attend his greatly anticipated Sales Closing Camps, where reps will learn to be exceedingly prepared for the inevitable.