Retail Store Training Package


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Retail Store Training Package

• Learn how to develop relationships with big box retail stores!
• Experience the foot traffic of a home show 365 days a year!
• Eliminate the seasonality that stifles momentum & profits!
• Watch spy cam video of an industry expert in real-life scenarios!
• Listen to recorded sound bites of an industry expert in action!
• Uncover a step-by-step process that is trainable & repeatable!
• Receive a flash drive with all the collateral ready to customize!


  • Recruiting Process
  • Recruiting Collateral
  • Sample Position Agreement – Store Promoter (with Compensation)
  • Retail Store Dress Code (Wardrobe & Attire)
  • Partnership Proposals
  • Retail Marketing Collateral (Flyers, Forms, Surveys)
  • Gas Station Program
  • Household Survey Approach
  • Seven Step Retail Marketing Process
  • Retail Marketing Rebuttals & Responses
    – Plan & Review Accountability

Flash Drive

  • Instructional Videos
  • Flyers & Forms (Editable)
  • Vendor List & Ordering Information