Affordable Talent Placement with a Unique Industry Focus!


As a result of popular demand, Tony enlisted the help of key staff members with a specific skill set in recruiting and talent placement. Now, equipped with these resources, Tony has individuals conducting comprehensive searches for talent specific to the home remodeling industry. In addition to networking with an ever-growing group of talented marketing and sales professionals compiled over decades, Tony’s team conducts resume searches, makes cold calls, and employs direct recruiting techniques to surface the most elusive and desirable candidates our industry has to offer. Working in tandem, Tony and his staff have successfully placed countless Canvassing Managers, Sales Managers, Event Managers and Call Center managers. These key staff members have had a tremendous impact on growth for their new employers. Best of all, the placement fees are among the lowest in any business category. Contact Tony today to discuss your company’s staffing needs. He is eagerly awaiting your call 1-888-HIRE WOW