Monthly Archives: July 2020

Episode 9 Joe Altieri

It’s All about INNOVATION

Joe has a vast understanding of the home remodeling industry spanning well over 20 years and going all the back to his dad being a tin man. He really understands what it takes to get products sold and that starts with marketing. The one thing you need to do to be a top marketing company is to INNOVATE. Joe is one the best when it comes to innovation which led him and his product Flex Screen to be featured on Shark Tank where he landed a deal with the Queen of QVC Lori Greiner Tune into this episode of Lead Gen Leaders to understand how to create a culture of growth and innovation and how to really separate your company from the competition.


Episode 8 Andy Solomon

Andy Solomon

Getting the basics right

Andy has a wealth of knowledge spanning 15 years in the remodeling industry. He has been a Face To Face Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, In Home Sales Person, Territory Product Sales Manager and most recently the Director of Sales Training at Associated Materials. He has seen the remodeling industry from all sides and is able to connect with home improvement companies across the country to see what works and what doesn’t in lead generation. This episode is all about the BASICS.