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Episode 25 – Jameka Spencer

Jameka Spencer

Long Lead Times

Jameka Spencer has spent the majority of her career running back end operations for American Exteriors, a quickly growing company that was acquired by a private equity company. That means she knows how to roll with the day to day punches a remodeling company can throw at you when in fast growth mode. We tackle one of the biggest issues today that companies are facing. That is long lead times and we discuss how to turn that frown upside down. We also discuss how when the back end of your business is running smoothly, that it can turn into more leads. Jameka is truly a Lead Gen leader, she is currently a consultant with me at Tony Hoty Training and Consulting. Tune into this episode to learn how getting the back end right can add to lead generation.




Episode 24 – Ron Jumper

Ron Jumper

Ron Jumper Discusses TV Leads

Did the pandemic catch you flat footed? Tune into this episode to hear a Lead Gen Leader discuss how TV can work for you. Ron Jumper, CEO of Ron Sherman Advertising, has been involved with marketing for the home improvement industry since he was old enough to walk, simply put it is in his blood. With an unmatched depth of marketing knowledge, no one is better equipped to provide an intimate knowledge of TV advertising. He has a deep understanding of each local market in North America, and has the ability to engineer complex lead programs with the with the right media buy and the right creative to get you a cost effective Lead through TV.




Episode 23 – Richard Oatman

Richard Oatman

Making Radio Work

Richard started out as a radio account executive and later moved to Kansas City as a sales manager for a radio station. During that time he learned what a powerful force radio could be in generating leads, and he saw how shockingly few people really understood how to use it. He started First Person Advertising in 2008 so he could put the knowledge that he had gained in his first 20 years to help his clients succeed in their marketing efforts.

Today he specializes in Home Improvement marketing and manages radio and television marketing campaigns in over 23 different markets as large as Houston, Tx, all the way down to Norfolk, Ne.