Episode 15 Peter Crum

Peter Crum

Buying and Converting Online Leads I sit down with Peter Crum and discuss all things with buying leads online and how to get them to convert into issued appointments that can sell. Peter has a wealth of knowledge spanning well over a decade beginning with Handyman Online in 1999 and has been in the field […]

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Episode 14 Tony Hoty

The fantastic 4 for the 4th quarter

The fantastic 4 for the 4th quarter Tony and I sit down and discuss 4 fantastic lead gen opportunities for the 4th quarter. Top coaches all agree that many games are won or lost in the 4th quarter. Success in the home remodeling industry isn’t much different. That is why this episode is dedicated to […]

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Episode 13 JR Sedlack

JR Sedlack

JR Sedlack has a wealth of knowledge in the direct mail industry. He has directly served the home remodeling for over 20 years.

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Episode 12 Bryan Klugh

Bryan Klugh has over 20 years of knowledge pertaining to online Lead Gen. He is currently a managing partner at VisionLine Media

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Episode 11 Brian Gottlieb

Brian Gottlieb

Brian Gottlieb has had a major impact in my career as well as the home improvement industry. His approach to Culture

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Episode 10 Megan McGuire

Creating ELITE teams Megan’s career in home improvements goes back over 10 years. She got her start in the call center where she quickly moved up to call center manager. From there she continued to advance having the roles of marketing manager and now most recently the Director of sales and Marketing for a great […]

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Episode 9 Joe Altieri

It’s All about INNOVATION Joe has a vast understanding of the home remodeling industry spanning well over 20 years and going all the back to his dad being a tin man. He really understands what it takes to get products sold and that starts with marketing. The one thing you need to do to be […]

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Episode 8 Andy Solomon

Andy Solomon

Andy has a wealth of knowledge spanning 15 years in the remodeling industry. He has been a Face To Face Marketing Manager

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Episode 7: Tony Hoty

Tony and Kyle sit down to discuss how the Brand Ambassador program works. Learn how companies are using just one marketer

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Episode 6: Tim Musch

Tim Musch

It’s All About DATA. Tim has spent the last 25 years developing and refining (CRM) systems for contractors in the remodeling industry space. Tim and Kyle discuss the trends in data and what it was like during the peak of the pandemic and how the data is shifting as states open up. Tim brings a wealth […]

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