Lead Capture

(As Published in Replacement Contractor Magazine)

If you receive my monthly news letter, then you already know the power of staying in front of your clients – that is probably what drove you to visit my website in the first place… Therefore you should be able to understand that capturing your prior customer emails and staying in front of them with pertinent information is paramount! What if you do not have those email addresses? How do you acquire them. Follow these 7 simple steps:

1) Call all of your prior customers for whom you do not have email addresses

2) Describe how you have recently conducted an internal audit of all
customer files

3) Explain that you are missing a properly completed warranty card for
many past customers

4) Make it clear that failure to have this on file could possibly
nullify the product warranties for those consumers

5) Offer to email a new warranty card to them right away to ensure
that they are insulated from that risk

6) Follow up by emailing a newly created generic warranty card that
will insulate your customers on all relevant claims

7) Store the email addresses in your customer files