Make It a December to Remember

The holiday season can pose several additional factors that make the last month of the year an extremely difficult time to generate leads in the home remodeling industry.  So much so, that it can bring a frown to the faces of many who feel they are fighting an uphill battle to book appointments.  Let’s take a look at what many successful companies have done to turn that frown upside down.


Have a contest – Hosting a contest for your marketers to generate demonstrations during the first three weeks of the month is always a good idea.  You can tie this contest to a Holiday bonus or perhaps to paid time off during the time that employees hours may be reduced or eliminated around Christmas and New Years.  In addition to promoting this contest to your employees to boost morale, it is also a good idea to have your marketers inform prospects that they are competing in such a contest.  This just may awaken the spirit of giving within them enough to make time for a demonstration during this very busy time.  After all, it does not cost the prospect anything.  And If they feel they are likely to get a good deal, while at the same time helping a hard working person achieve their goal, it is perceived as a win / win for everyone.


Give a reason for the season – often times prospects will procrastinate on major projects especially if they feel they have a justifiable excuse.  Therefore, deferring until after the first of the year is a common objection offered by homeowners who have no incentive to act now.  That is why presenting a special offer that is unique to this time frame is very advisable.  Furthermore, being prepared to explain that just as spring is the best time to find a great deal on a winter coat, so is year-end the best time to shop for home improvements. The more enticing and believable your story is, the more likely it will work!


Sand Bag – Although it is a good idea to keep a regular regiment of staying in touch with your previous customers, it never hurts to allow your database of existing clients to rest a bit before making a big push at the end of the year.  Many companies have put up record numbers by focusing nearly all of their efforts on past customers in the month of December.  It seems that leveraging an existing relationship to buy time for a brief appointment can be much easier than asking strangers for sufficient time for a full demonstration when their schedules and budgets are maxed out!


Recash the Rehash – Just like previous customers, having a year-round approach to rehashing unsuccessful demos is a must.  By the same token, making a concerted effort to resurrect any unsold demos in the month of December is extremely wise.  Similar to many other special offers or promotions, the success can depend on the prospects willingness to “buy in”.  Many successful rehash approaches include an enticing offer that is only available for a short period of time.  There are many logical and believable reasons as to why your company is making such a spectacular offer as part of a year-end sale. These reasons lend credence to your pitch for urgency and make it a great time to exhume business from old and dormant proposals.


Like most business strategies, preparation and planning are the keys.  By formulating a solid scheme in advance you too can make it a December to remember!


Happy Holidays,