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Gutter Grind – Episode #2 – Shannon Alberts

On this episode of the Gutter Grind, I interview Shannon Alberts of Security Leubke. His story is an incredible journey growing up through the ranks of his business from installer to salesperson, to partner, to sole owner of the business. The growth is incredible and the lessons he shares will prove to be so impactful.

Gutter Grind – Episode #1 – Brad Codman

Brad Codman, the marketing manager for the Ultimate Gutter Guard a division of Southern Industries, reveals the lead generation secrets that have served him over the last two decades. Brad has helped grow the company to over 90 million dollars in annual sales with the wisdom he has developed in the industry.

Episode 39 – Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty

Workplace Culture

Our own Tony Hoty sat down with Joe Altieri, CEO of FlexScreen on Joe’s podcast to discuss workplace culture.

Watch the Interview

Joe is a serial entrepreneur – born with both an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit; He’s spent his life believing there’s always a better (and more fun) way to do just about everything.

Eventually, that innate curiosity and drive for a better mousetrap led Joe to invent the world’s first and only flexible window screen – which landed me on Shark Tank – which resulted in a deal with Lori Greiner (the Queen of QVC) – which catapulted his business in some pretty unbelievable ways. (You can read the full history of FlexScreen here.)

Episode 38 – Chris Williamson


This is the 2nd time Chris Williamson is doing the show to discuss RECRUITING. Recruiting is such a huge topic right now as most companies are struggling to find qualified help. Tune in to this episode to hear some basic tips that may boost your ability to grow your teams. We discuss both recruiting mangers as well as entry level staff. Chris has a long tenure in home improvements with a huge emphasis on building out teams of entry level staff like canvassers, events staff and call center. Chris is currently the main recruiter at Tony Hoty Training and consulting where his focus is recruiting top mangers for our clients.




Episode 37 – Hannah Feuerstein

Hannah Feuerstein

Becoming a Lead Gen Leader

This episode is very special to me as I recruited Hannah Feuerstein into this industry 6 years ago. In this episode we discuss many topics around marketing, leadership, recruiting, culture and working remotely. Tune into this episode to hear how Hannah rose from marketing assistant to becoming a true Lead Gen Leader as the Marketing Director for Renewal By Andersen of Greater Wisconsin.






Episode 36 – Abby Binder

Abby Binder

Creating TV Gold

Abby Binder is the definition of a Lead Gen Leader. She started on her own and has steadily grown to be a phenomenal brand in her market place. Her ability to make marketing sources like TV come in with fantastic ROI’s is what has catapulted her company to where it is at now. She has been extremely disciplined when it comes to marketing. She is always looking to grow and learn and when she learns she implements. Tune into this episode to hear her marketing philosophies and hear some awesome tips when it come to TV.






Episode 35 – Megan Beattie

Lead Generation Truths

This episode is one you don’t want to miss. Meagan is on the show for a second time and is bringing the gold. She is truly a lead gen leader as she has shown time and time again from big to small companies, she can generate leads. She is going to be discussing the marketing truths that run true if your big or small and what the pros and cons are to be each size when it comes to marketing. The episode is the first one many coming up featuring the brightest women marketers in our industry.







Episode 34 – Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty, Handling Leads Right

The age old question, do I need more leads or do I just need to handle the ones I have better? Tune into this episode to hear Tony Hoty and I discuss how to handle inbound leads properly. We even give out a very powerful point with an offer for you the listener to take advantage of.








Episode 33 – Dean Curtis

Dean Curtis

Integrating Tech Into Your Business

Dean Curtis has a passion for the intersection of technology and business. He has served in leadership roles throughout his career at Apple, Palm, Intellisync, and Oracle. At Apple, Dean was instrumental in defining and executing the strategy for adoption of iPhone and iPad across Fortune 500 companies. He joined Ingage in February 2017 as the CRO / COO and was named CEO in October 2019. His passion for integrating tech in business and learning to be the best leader possible makes Dean a Lead Gen Leader! Tune into this episode to uncover how tech may help you solve problems in your business.







Episode 32 – Jon Scott

Jon Scott

A Chat About Live Chat

We sat down with Jon Scott to Discuss Live Chat. The sole focus of my guest today is to help Home Improvement companies convert every lead possible that comes to your website. Jon Scott has been with Apex chat for over 6 years and in that time has helped thousands of companies utilize live chat to convert more leads. We go over the pros and cons of each of the live chat options and give best practices to getting live chat started. Tune into this episode to hear from a lead gen leader on how to convert more prospects into leads through your website by using live chat.