Episode 32 – Jon Scott

Jon Scott

A Chat About Live Chat We sat down with Jon Scott to Discuss Live Chat. The sole focus of my guest today is to help Home Improvement companies convert every […]

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Episode 31 – Rich Harshaw

Rich Harshaw

Brand Identity My guest is Rich Harshaw today. Rich has displayed throughout his career the ability to be a Lead Gen Leader. His company Level 10 Contractor helps many contractors […]

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Episode 30 – Bob Quillen

Bob Explains What It takes to be ACQUIRABLE! This is the SECOND time Bob Quillen has been a guest on the Lead Gen Leaders Podcast. What warrants his rapid return? […]

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Episode 29 – Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips

Building Leaders Leadership is huge buzz word these days and my guest and I dive into what it takes to build leadership team around you. Jason Phillips is the owner […]

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Episode 28 – Chris Behan

Chris Behan

Websites that Work Chris Behan has been in the website development and paid search business for over 20 years. He is the founder and CEO of Socius Marketing – one […]

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Episode 27 – Pat Burke

pat burke

Philosophies that transcend sports and business. Pat Burke is the first and only Irish-born player in the history of the NBA. Throughout the course of his playing career in college, […]

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Episode 26 – Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty and I discuss the five MAJOR mistakes that we see contractors making right now and how to avoid them.

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Episode 25 – Jameka Spencer

Jameka Spencer

Long Lead Times Jameka Spencer has spent the majority of her career running back end operations for American Exteriors, a quickly growing company that was acquired by a private equity […]

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Episode 24 – Ron Jumper

Ron Jumper

Ron Jumper Discusses TV Leads Did the pandemic catch you flat footed? Tune into this episode to hear a Lead Gen Leader discuss how TV can work for you. Ron […]

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Episode 23 – Richard Oatman

Richard Oatman

Making Radio Work Richard started out as a radio account executive and later moved to Kansas City as a sales manager for a radio station. During that time he learned […]

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