Episode 19 John Anglis

John Anglis

John Anglis is a LEAD GEN LEADER!

Why? He knows how to hold people accountable to achieving their goals! One of the biggest challenges that companies face when striving to reach their targets is accountability. How do you increase performance without decreasing morale. As a leader, you get the results that you allow.

The unfortunate part is when you allow people to under-perform regularly, that apathy translates to more and more poor performance over time. When analyzing the accountability spectrum, we see two extremes – no accountability whatsoever or suffocating micro management. Neither of these drastic scenarios are good for business. Tune into this episode of the LGL Podcast to hear how John Anglis has become an expert on accountability. In addition to building his own successful home improvement business, John coaches and trains others in the industry on how to become more profitable.

He accomplishes this by empowering managers to make decisions for themselves and grow through that process. His systems have ultimately given him the freedom to spend significantly less time working in his business and much more time working on it.