Recruiting Marketers for Home Improvement Businesses

Recruiting Marketers for Home Improvement Businesses

How do I find marketers, door 2 door, event workers, call center agents? This is one of the most asked questions I get as a marketing consultant in the home improvement industry.

There isn’t any one single thing that can make you a better recruiter for your company. The answer is it’s doing a lot of things consistently that will allow you to have great results and keep an endless flow of qualified candidates coming through your doors.

I just want to touch on one recruiting idea that I do not see many companies taking advantage of. That idea is presenting to high school and college classes. I was honored today to speak to 3 different classes. Those classes were combined shop classes at a high school. With COVID-19 and mostly virtual learning happening teachers are constantly trying to come up with enough speakers and information to fill class time and keep the students engaged.

Each of the 3 classes of about 30 students, 2 or 3 were open to explore the possibility of being a door to door canvasser. All it took was 3 hours of time and the ability to connect with just a few of the students.

One other point of meeting and presenting to college / high school students is to offer internships. Students every year are looking for companies that fit what they need for an internship to get the credits needed for graduating.

One of my favorite success stories Is that of a young lady that I met on campus that applied for an event assistant position. She was finishing up an associates degree In event planning and need the Internship. Fast forward a few years and she is now the marketing director for one of the divisions with that company.

When it comes to recruiting marketers, don’t be afraid to get outside the box and reach into your communities and add value to your schools. Once you start doing that the schools will allow you to do more and more like setting up your own career days and even have teachers recommending your company when they hear a student is looking for work.

Kyle Powers
Coach at Tony Hoty Training and consulting
Host of the Lead Gen Leaders Podcast
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